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We live in the 21st century

In the age of globalization, technological progress and constantly changing technologies as well as competitive conditions. International and interstate relations are becoming increasingly important from year to year, and the expanding development of the hotel industry is good proof of this. Globalization offers companies profitable market potential and new business areas. That is why modern hotel businesses are trying to build reliable relationships and are looking for trustworthy partners worldwide. MAGiC is such a partner for many companies operating in the hotel sector. We are a strong partner in the field of hotel management and have a wide range of services that ensure the sustainable success of a hotel business.


MAGiC Hotelmanagement GmbH addresses the hotel market and provides management services in hotels and other accommodation facilities. We enable our customers with our professional competence, uncompromising quality of our services and consistent application of best practices to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently and thus contribute to their sustainable success. Accordingly, our range of services includes management services as well as consulting and concept development of viable marketing strategies and optimization of business processes in the hotel sector.

Our Vision

We want to be the first-choice hotel operator by inspiring our customers to succeed.

With our expertise, uncompromising quality of our services and consistent application of best practices, we want to help our customers achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Our management concept is based on our values and creates a basis of trust for successful cooperation.

Our mission

Our values


We run the partner business with passion like our own and are committed to contributing to the success of our customers. We act innovatively, proactively and therefore want to contribute to the continuous growth and profitability of our customers. That is why we feel obliged to motivate our customers to uncover new business potential with us.


We make our customers' goals our own and deliver high-quality results. Our quality promise is a fundamental part of our commitment to our customers. For us, quality means the complete fulfilment of all services to full customer satisfaction.


We work with our customers in a trusting and profitable way in a team and achieve uncompromising results. We meticulously analyze all business areas and business processes within the defined framework conditions and continuously improve them using the best management methods.

Respect and Diversity

We respect the diversity and uniqueness of our stakeholders, see their added value for our development and promote it to increase our business culture.


Our services

MAGiC’s range of services offers numerous customer-specific solutions in the field of hotel management, which make a significant contribution to the optimization of operational processes. We run our clients’ homes using agile methods that originate in IT development.

Modern times present companies with new challenges. The increasing, constantly changing customer requirements are forcing companies to design their business processes as optimally and flexibly as possible in order to meet these requirements. In this context, the topic of business process management is becoming increasingly important. It offers a structured environment with numerous instruments and methods for the effective optimization of company-specific processes. MAGiC offers numerous instruments, the effective use of which in the context of business process management enables a consistent transition from a function-oriented to a process-oriented design of business processes, thus reducing complexity and increasing transparency in business processes.

As part of the business development, we offer a comprehensive market analysis including the determination of customer-specific segments and the development of a strategy based on it with the aim of uncovering new business potentials.​

As part of business development, we carry out a market analysis for our customers. Modern players in the hotel industry always strive to respond to the needs of their customers with appealing solutions. In order to meet these challenges and win new target customers, we carry out the market analysis. The current market position of the respective customer is determined on the basis of the development trends and potential of the market and the business environment.​

We live in an era of scientific and technological progress and the information and technological revolution. Information as a significant success-related resource and innovation as one of the most important prerequisites for continuous economic growth form the basis for a company’s long-term global success. The German hotel industry is under constant and ever increasing international competitive pressure, which forces national companies to revise their operational processes with regard to effectiveness and efficiency. In everything we do, we focus on quality and consider it an indispensable prerequisite for the sustainable success of a company. MAGiC continuously collects and analyzes the feedback from customers, guests and partners. We use the gained knowledge as part of the continuous improvement of business processes using modern methods such as KAIZEN.​

Modern management companies in the hotel industry operate in a dynamic environment. The increased demands of customers and guests require continuous commitment from management. A temporary absence of the manager, potential gaps in the qualification or filling of the team as well as an increased amount of work result in a search for a competent staff. MAGiC offers its customers reliable and qualified management representation. We support you competently and reliably in both operational and strategic topics. We interact with all your stakeholders and shareholders in accordance with your requirements. In complex situations that may be historically or emotionally strained, we operate decisively to stabilize the situation and take full responsibility for our decisions.​

MAGiC offers the complete range of services for the organization of events in the hotel industry. We enable a high quality end-to-end realization of your event. Our focus is on the organization of hotel pre-openings, open days, meetings, seminars and company events. We also offer our customers wide range of services in the field of event marketing. MAGiC organizes the best event for you according to your requirements and takes full responsibility for its realization. We offer tailor-made, customer-oriented, fixed-price packages, thus enabling full transparency for our customers. The events organized by us reach your target groups and increase the value of your company to your complete satisfaction.​

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Build your future with MAGiC. We offer our employees numerous opportunities for further development and support them in every respect. MAGiC creates a varied and harmonious work environment in which you have scope for your own initiatives.

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